Who the f… is LePetitMax?

No, we are not an “insiders’ tip” as in a Marco Polo travel guide, in fact not everyone knows us. Why so? We simply think that not everyone needs to know us because we are not interesting for everyone. We feel quite comfortable in our role under the radar. And we have been doing so since 2005. Those who know us appreciate us and our work – whether they are medium-sized businesses, globally active companies or start-ups. Just ask, for example at Deutsche Bank, Ille, LINDA pharmacies or Bedford.


The small maximum

We could also call ourselves “Seif & Friends” or “Steffi, Tim and the Fliewatüüt”. But first of all, that’s what everyone is called by now, and secondly, our name describes quite well what our goal is: to get the most out of every job. We see ourselves as a design and communication boutique that thinks holistically. And which believes in strategy, especially at brand level.


The Creative Factory

Westend Frankfurt, Mendelssohnstraße – a wonderful area in itself. Then there’s the fact that we at LePetitMax are not alone, but see ourselves as a creative factory together with our local partners. And that’s how we operate: together with photographer and director Tim Thiel, for example, we often work from the first client briefing to the conception, all the way to the finished film or photo. This is an agency service that no one else offers. And with the post-production “Nachspiel”, every picture is posted perfectly just one room away.

We believe in the mix of many different creatives with different backgrounds and ways of working, who inspire each other in their daily work. You can see that in our results.

We could also
call ourselves "Seif & Friends"..

On eye level

››Move the disruptor further to the left, write ‘Buy now’ in the headline and make the logo twice as big”. You can do that as a client, but we find it difficult. Because our claim is to develop strategies, concepts, ideas and designs with our clients at eye level.

We are passionate creative service providers who enjoy working with our clients with the goal of together moving the brand forward.


No one can do it all!

In times when 200-strong customised agencies grow out of the ground like weeds, it becomes more and more important to bring together specialists who know the industry of the respective client. Well, we’re not 200 people and we wouldn’t have the space for that – and who’s supposed to remember all the names??? But we are really experienced experts in communication and design. For example, we have a combined 28 years of car experience and 23 years of fashion experience. And: we have a huge network of strategists, art directors, copywriters and architects that we can call on at any time if we need specific expertise. That’s how we turn every project into a “customised project”.

01 Agency Impressions

GfK • Bedford Ille DEPOTBuffaloMonreal • Granini • Schiesser • Joop • Esprit • Deutsche Bank • Fielmann • CouvaHessenEnergie • BauTech • Fox Department • HaarWerk • KHM • LINDA • FlipFlop • Seydler Bank • DKD • Ferrero • MyYo • verifyMED • Payone • Corestate • Rosenhof • My.Yo