Who the f… is LePetitMax?

We’re not an insider tip from a travel guide – we really are off the beaten path. Why? We believe that it isn’t necessary for everyone to know us, because we’re not mainstream. And we have been quite comfortably settled in this below-the-radar position since 2005. Clients appreciate us both on a personal and professional level – whether they’re medium-sized enterprises, large global companies or start-ups. Go ahead and ask them, for example at Deutsche Bank, Ille, LINDA pharmacies or Bedford.


The small maximum

When it came to finding a name for our business, we could just as well have chosen “Seif & Friends” or “Steffi, Tim and the Rainbowfish”. But first of all, we’d rather not just follow a trend, and second, our name quite aptly describes our goal, which is to get the most out of every job. We see ourselves as a design and communications boutique with a holistic approach and a strong belief in strategy, especially at the brand level.


The creative factory

Westend Frankfurt, Savignystraße – a great neighborhood in itself. And then there’s the fact that we at LePetitMax are not alone. Working closely with our local partners, we consider ourselves a creative factory, which is exactly how we operate. Photographer and director Tim Thiel, for example, often collaborates with us from the initial client briefing through the concept development right up to the finished film or photo. A service offered by no other agency. And with the support of post-production company Nachspiel, located just one room away, we ensure that every image presented to our clients is perfect.

We believe in bringing together creative people with different backgrounds, methods and approaches to inspire our daily work. And our results show that we are on the right track.

We could just as well have chosen “Seif & Friends” ...

At eye level

“Move the eye-catcher further left, the headline needs to read ‘Buy now’ and inflate the logo to twice its size.” While some clients might find it normal to communicate this way, we strive to work in a partnership of equals to develop strategies, concepts, ideas and designs.

We are passionately creative service providers and enjoy working closely with our clients to promote a brand together.


Nobody can do it all!

In times when 200-strong customized agencies are shooting up like mushrooms, it is becoming increasingly important to bring together specialists with in-depth knowledge of the respective client’s industry. Our team is far smaller, and we wouldn’t have the space to accommodate 200 employees – and besides, who would want to remember all the names?! We do, however, bring extensive experience in communications and design to the table. Altogether, we look back on 28 years of experience in the automotive and 23 years in the fashion industry. We also have access to an extensive network of strategists, art directors, copywriters and architects for specific expertise. Thereby, we truly are able to customize every single project we work on.


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